A Rich History, A Vibrant Future

In 1892, physicians from across Iowa convened the first meeting of IPHA and officially organized in 1925.  

Since then, IPHA has evolved to stay relevant, deepening and broadening our impact in changing times.  Today, IPHA continues to be at the table for important public health discussions and decisions affecting Iowans.

IPHA is positioned to champion and strengthen public health in our state as the convenerpromoter and supporter of Iowa’s public health community.  

IPHA stands ready as a credible, evidence-driven community of professionals urging wise policy and financial investments that value the health of Iowans.  

Our non-profit association is led by a committed board of public health professionals and is powered by the engagement of more than 600 public health professionals and advocates from across the state.  Our members and partners cover all sectors including federal, state and municipal agencies; non-profit providers; private sector health providers; educators; community advocates; and retirees.  Collectively, IPHA is a force multiplier for advancing public health in Iowa and nationally.

Iowa Public Health Association  - Uniting and strengthening the voice for public health in Iowa

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